The first of the Rethink It Series
Monica Berg's
Rethink It:

Transform your relationship into the love story of your dreams.

The ultimate wisdom for the fulfilling relationship you’ve always desired.

In this 90 minute master class Monica brings

  • the art of love
  • the science of love
  • and the teachings of Kabbalah

together in this unforgettable master class on the topic.

Practical and thought-provoking, get ready to rethink everything you thought you knew about love.

Witness firsthand how this profound wisdom is practical in the
everyday lives of couples seeking to deepen their connection.

What People Are Saying

Take this course. You will walk out a different person for the better. Super powerful and practical for relationships at any stage!

Michael Judah

Monica taught me what’s actually important when it comes to love in a tangible practical way that I can implement in all of my relationships. Rethink love makes love and dating seem way more promising.

Nichole Koshki

I struggle with having tough relationship conversations that often need to be had and Monica is an expert at handling them the right way. This experience brought us closer together as a couple.

Madelaine Hardy

This series was incredible. I have been married for 33 years and thought, ehh, what more do I need to know? Well, apparently quite a bit. This series is for everyone from those still searching to those of us who are seasoned married couples. I walked away with knowledge that will carry us through the next 33 years. I’m looking forward to watching it again with my husband. I know this will resonate with him as well.

Lisa George
in a relationship
it’s complicated
This is for absolutely everyone.

Meet Monica

I’m a mom of four, a wife of 26 years, an author, co-host of the Spiritually Hungy podcast, and the co-director of a global spiritual organization called The Kabbalah Centre.

I’ve spent my life researching relationships. I’ve counseled 1000's of couples, attended more than 500 weddings, and have seen and heard it all at all stages of the relationship.

It’s your birthright to love and be loved, unconditionally. And I am passionate about sharing the tools and wisdom that I know can transform your relationships.

Monica's signature

A no-drama approach to rewriting your ultimate love story.

Becoming the One

The 4 Step Formula for creating magic.

Identify Red Flags

They might not be what you’d think!

Compromise vs. Sacrifice

What are you giving up?

The Ultimate Relationship Killer

SPOILER ALERT: Ineffective communication

Identify the Real Problem

(It’s you, well specifically, it’s your ego.)

The Inevitability of Change

Anticipate it. Accept it. Direct it.

Yes, I want this!

You deserve a love story that stands the test of time.

Pay What You Can
suggested price: $49.99

Monica's teachings are not just theoretical—they are a living, practical exploration of the very essence of love.

Rethink It: Love is for anyone who wants to improve their relationships and that’s why we are offering this on a Pay What You Can basis.

This wisdom is for everyone,
and for the first time, we’re making it accessible to anyone with the desire to rethink love!

Love unlocked.
The secrets to the fulfilling relationship you only dreamed was possible.

Love is never enough.
The only way to receive love is to give it away
Focus on being ‘the one’ rather than finding ‘the one’
Ego is your real enemy
If anyone has to change... it’s probably you. (Sorry!)

Happily-ever-after. For real.

Adam & Eve. Romeo & Juliet. Bennifer

Since the beginning of time, humanity has been captivated by great love stories, wondering when OUR time will come for 'happily ever after.'

(Minus the part, of course, where Romeo drinks poison and then Juliet kills herself.)

What if the answer to fulfilling, lasting love was inside you this entire time?
Not only is it possible. It’s your birthright.

Get ready for a transformative relationship series where global spiritual leader Monica Berg will unlock modern relationship secrets based on an ancient cosmic wisdom known as Kabbalah.

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