Rethink It: Love

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Becoming The One

It's a spiritual truth that genuine love for others – whether giving or receiving – is rooted in a foundation of self-love. Instead of spending all your energy looking for the ‘one,’ try being the ‘one.’ Try becoming that ideal partner yourself. Monica shares a four-step formula for revealing and deeply loving your authentic self, which in turn will aid you in attracting your soul mate.

Course Description

It is a spiritual law that you are destined for love. And it’s a scientific law that like attracts like. When we combine these laws in our approach to love, we create magic in our relationships.” – Monica Berg

Unlocking the full potential of our relationships often means breaking free from limiting beliefs we hold about love. By embracing change and adopting a new perspective, we open the door to creating extraordinary magic in our connections. We become the architects of our own destiny, capable of attracting our soul mate or deepening the bond with our current partner.

In this inspiring and insightful 6-part 90-minute master class, Monica leads us on a journey of reflection and revelation exploring love and relationships. Drawing from her wealth of personal experiences and decades of counseling couples, Monica seamlessly weaves together insights from Kabbalah, scientific research, and psychology to offer timeless wisdom and practical tools. By challenging us to elevate the quality of our relationships and rethink the very definition of love, she shows us how to ready ourselves to build the soul mate connection we’ve always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now to take your experience of love to its highest potential.

Instructor: Monica Berg
Categories: Love & Relationships