Spiritually Hungry Presents

Welcome to Spiritually Hungry Presents – your oasis of spiritual wisdom and practical tools for profound personal growth. Inspired by Michael and Monica Berg’s renowned podcast, Spiritually Hungry, and drawing from the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, this invaluable, masterclass-style resource illuminates the path to lasting fulfillment, empowering you to unleash your true potential and discover your purpose in life.

Every course and event in Spiritually Hungry Presents have been carefully curated by Michael and Monica, as well as Senior Instructor Eitan Yardeni, with the intention of fostering deep exploration into the profound questions that resonate in our souls. From creating resilient relationships to mastering the art of intentional living, you’ll find sage advice rooted in kabbalistic teachings tailored to enrich your everyday experiences and guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Don’t miss your opportunity to embark on a transformative journey and unlock the keys to a more meaningful, purpose-driven life.

Spiritually Hungry Podcast

Spiritually Hungry is a thought-provoking podcast series with authors Monica and Michael Berg. Together, they answer your most pressing questions, offering sage advice for the modern world. Join Monica and Michael for down-to-earth conversations about the big life questions that spark your curiosity the most.

Our Instructors

Monica Berg

Monica Berg is the author of Rethink Love, Fear is Not an Option, and The Gift of Being Different children’s book, as well as the co-host of the popular Spiritually Hungry podcast, a researcher of human habits that hold us back, and a Look Within-fluencer. She’s been called “The Marie Kondo of the Soul,” showing us how tidying up our inner mess can help us find the joy we’ve been seeking. For over 20 years, she has counseled thousands of individuals and couples and has even attended 500+ weddings of couples she’s advised. As a highly sought-after speaker, Monica is on a global mission to help people bring light and strength into even the most challenging experiences by changing the one thing we can control: ourselves. In less than five minutes, she can pinpoint exactly where change needs to start.
Monica's classes:
Rethink It: Love